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Welcome to DILLERS, one of the leading companies in supplying diverse systems and equipment to customers such as the Spanish Ministry of Defence and to other well-known Spanish firms working in the naval and industrial sectors.

Economic Sectors

Suministros y equipamientos para sectores: militar, policial, aeronáutico, naval e industrial

Military / Police

Since 1986 we supply and manage the maintenance of equipment, spare parts and systems used by the Armed Forces. We are the Spanish representative of several prestigious international manufacturers in this sector.


The Ministry of Defence and other main private companies in this sector trust in Dillers experience to keep their platforms operative.

Our experience in the field of the naval construction enables us to supply any kind of material, from shipbuilding to the final general outfitting, as well as meeting all the needs of any shipyard department.


We have a wide range of materials and services that may meet most needs of any industrial sector such as: Iron and Steel, Petrochemical, Power Supply, Automotive, etc.